Released puppet module for ispprotect to the forge

This week I wrapped up version 0.3.0 of the ispprotect puppet module I created for the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The module manages the installation and scheduling of ISPProtect, a php malware scanner that also scans for outdated versions of popular PHP applications. The module can be found at More information in ISPProtect can be found at #puppet #php #security

Right to be forgotten – my personal calendar edition

As I was planning a new item in my schedule last week, my OS X calendar was trying to be helpful by suggesting entries based on previous events in my schedule. This is great on many occasions, but this time it suggested an entry from long ago. Think ten years ago.

In itself this is excellent indexing and good working functionality, but why do I have appointments from more than a decade ago hanging around in me schedule?

When I tried to clean up my history to say this decade, there seem to be no controls to do that. No option to remove / clean up / filter events from a specific time frame in OS X Calendar.

I ended up installing a third party tool that at least could filter based on DECADE to remove everything from the previous decade. Although some events might have been interesting, nobody cares about my dentist appointment and that sort of stuff from ten years ago, right?

Just as memories fade to the more abstract notions of said events, maybe my data should do this too. Or at least give me some options to manage it.

It’s 2015 and I’m installing Snow Leopard

The old trusty MacBook white was getting slower and slower. I upgraded it to new OS X releases when they came available over the years. As my kids became the primary user, the complaints started to pile up. I tried moving to Windows 7 and to Ubuntu. But the machine just stayed slow and sluggish.

As a final attempt to fix the issues I wanted to downgrade the machine to Snow Leopard. But I got rid of alle DVD software media years ago.

When searching the Interwebs for a second hand OS X DVD, I actually found a link to the apple store offering new Snow Leopard DVD kits! So it was 2015 and I ordered a fresh DVD of Snow Leopard in the Apple Store for only 20 euro.

IMG_0463IMG_0462A couple of days later I did a fresh install of the old Macbook white and it has been running so smooth ever since. Downgrading  the machine for 20 euros was a pretty good choice it seems. Kids are pretty happy with it!

Getting to ready to move to new hosting platform

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 15.40.16A couple of years ago I set up my hosting services on a lean VPS at a Dutch VPS hosting provider. Last year when starting to run websites with more images and/or high quality images, performance became somewhat of a problem. Most of it was remedied with some tuning, but the shared storage on a VPS was going to be a problem in the longer run.

At the end of december I found a hosting company that would deliver a leased dedicated server with SSD based storage. Over the week I’ve been preparing the new platform and things are starting to look really nice.

At the base it is a Debian GNU/Linux powered server with KVM installed. On top of that I’m running a management node with Nagios and Puppet. And a node with ISPConfig and all of its dependancies as a managed webhosting platform. Currently I’m moving internal and personal websites to the new platform. As all the kinks are ironed out, I will start moving my customers over as well.

Progress 🙂

Linux Mint on my MacBook not the success I hoped it to be

After some troubles with my OS X install on my Retina Macbook, I thought it would be a good time to revisit Linux on the Desktop. Although I have desktop Linuxes running all the time, the last time I ran Linux as a desktop native on hardware was years ago.

So I burned the iso of Linux Mint 17 and after some backups and other safeguard measures I booted the DVD and wiped clean my Macbook. The install was rather eventless and some time later I was booting an encrypted install of Mint.

I’ve had it running for about two days and tried to do as much of my regelar tasks on te machine. Although a lot does work rather nice, I do have a list of things that combined made me decide to stop the trial.

  • Bluetooth setup of my Logitech mouse wouldn’t work
  • Nvidia drivers work stable, but switch to the native resolution on my retina display leaving me with very tiny UI elements. Could not find any obvious / permanent scaling solution, other than running a commandline script every time my screen setup changes (external monitor etc)
  • No real solution for typing and touching the touchpad while doing that. There was some clunky way to disable the touchpad on keypress for a second or two, but that disturbed my workflow too much. I don’t know how the other systems handle it, but it seems to work more seemless
  • Built in webcam totally unsupported.

After this adventure, I set up a clean install of OS X Yosemite, only restoring my documents and reinstalling all applications clean. Lets hope the original problem with my Macbook had something to do with the 9+ years of history I’ve been migrating from Macbook to Macbook.